Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wormholes - I Will See You on the Other Side

A wormhole, also known as an “Einstein–Rosen bridge,” is a theoretical “tunnel” though the fabric of space and time.  

While it’s easy to imagine space as being empty and time as being a non-corporeal abstract concept consisting of just a straight line; it would be more accurate to imagine both as a tangible essence that can be manipulated, bent or otherwise cut though, like a “fabric.”

In theory, a wormhole would act as a kind of shortcut though space and time. Allowing a traveler the opportunity to journey from point A to point B in far less time than if they attempted to cross the expanse of space in a craft; also, a wormhole would potentially allow for the possibility for time-travel.

While no observational evidence for wormholes yet exists, the reality of wormholes is implied by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Still, even with a lack of imperial evidence, that has not stopped the world of sci-fi from making it a staple of storytelling.

In fiction, wormholes have manifested themselves in the plotlines of Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, the Conduit video game franchise for the Nintendo Wii and even the bizarre Disney movie The Black Hole. Even an aspect of wormhole-style time-travel will be making an appearance in my second book due out early this year; Tales of Cydonia: Volume Two.

Conceptually and theoretically there are two basic types of wormholes: a conduit through space or a conduit though both space and time. Of these you have “fixed” and “non-fixed” wormholes; a conduit in which one of more entry points are not fixed to one spot in space, as the end or ends drift from point to point. Or a stable wormhole in which both entry points do not move.

In fiction wormholes have been portrayed as both a naturally occurring phenomenon as well as artificial.

But the real question is would you go? If you could travel through a wormhole safely would you, even if you did not know what was on the other side or if you could ever come back, would you do it?

Someday wormhole travel may become commonplace, for both space travel as well as time-travel as it has been suggested that wormholes would be needed to successfully travel through time; allowing a time-traveler the opportunity to get around the time-traveling limitations imposed by the theory of relativity and wormholes would also allow the exploration of the universe in ways conventional craft would never be able to achieve.

So, whether it’s an ancient artifact in which you are transported to a distant planet where alien beings obsessed with Egyptian architecture rule; or you are protecting a wormhole floating just beyond the orbit of a planet called Bajor or you are using the Wii to fight off aliens coming at you through conduits leading to other dimensions; what is sci-fi today, becomes tomorrow's reality.

Are you ready?


Isaac Hulke

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