Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parallel Universes - My Doppelgänger is Your Friend

In a parallel universe, right now, you are reading this same article. Well, to be precise it’s not you, it’s your doppelgänger, your counterpart, someone who looks like you and is perhaps you in every way except for small differences.
The article the “other you” is reading may be slightly different too, maybe the grammar is different (or better), and maybe the sentence structure is different as well, if not just by one word or even a single letter.

Welcome to the perplexing possibilities of parallel universes. The reasoning for why there might be other universes is diverse, but the idea, however broad, is at its core beautifully simple. Our universe, is but one of perhaps trillions of other realities all of which are branching off from one another.

How this would be accomplished is still being debated and the imperial evidence for other universes is still zero, but perhaps only for now. If mathematical formulas like the kind behind Super String Theory proved correct, the “multi-verse” would be a natural consequence of that.

If the multi-verse is true, then what this would mean is that there are many universes, each with their own history. Some would have histories very similar to our own universe admittedly completely the same except for the placement of a single atom. While others would be so different the laws of physics would be completely strange to us, forever prohibiting the formation of planets, stars, galaxies and life; and others still would possess any possible history range in between.

Another consequence of a multi-verse is that some of these universes would be inhabited by people, some who are just like you, but perhaps only lived different lives. In another reality, you became president, married a super model, won the lottery or became a heroin addict. It really makes you think and perhaps even in some fundamental way thinking about such things make us take stock the decisions we did make in this universe and appreciate the decisions we got right all the more.

Other possibilities exist as well. If other universes prove real we might be able to communicate with its inhabitants, human or otherwise. One suggestion in how this could be accomplished would be the use of gravitational waves as a medium, in a similar way radio waves are utilized in conveying information.

So the question remains, would you communicate with your doppelgänger? Ask him/her how their life turned out, for better or worse? Would you travel to another universe? If so, would you do it for profit or out of curiosity? Or perhaps you would not want to know anything about another universe, its alternate history and the potential horrors lurking there.

Alternate realities have been a staple of sci-fi for many decades going back to even the early days of the Twilight Zone and more recently possessing incarnations such as The One and the Star Trek rebooted franchise. Even the book series I am authoring, Tales of Cydonia, relies heavily on the idea of different histories, alternate realities and even other planes of existence.

So whether or not you believe the multi-verse is real or perhaps for you it just makes good entertainment, fear not! Hollywood will never give up on the idea even if science someday does.

But who knows, maybe you don’t believe in parallel universe, here in this space and time, but in some far off place, your other self is reading this same or similar article and in that time and place, you do.

Things to ponder…


Isaac Hulke

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