Monday, July 29, 2013

Cloning - Who Needs It?

Greetings all you humans and sub-humans out there. This is Jacob, one of your hosts of The Science Of Fiction. When Isaac and were nearing the end of The Gorram Nerd Hour Presents: Holodeck Malfunction we were trying to decide what to do next. That was always designed as a limited series. This one is not. Of course, you have to wait a month for new episodes. It's not because we're lazy. Well, I am. Actually, I'm not. I have two other shows and Isaac, up until recently, had two jobs. It was difficult to schedule time to do a weekly show. Plus, this one actually requires research.

When we first talked about doing this show we decided the first episode would be about robots. There were multiple reasons for that. Number one: We both like robots. Number Two: My production company name is Robot Vampire Productions. And Third: Everyone loves robots. When we first set up the format for that first episode it was that we each picked two science fiction writer who talked about robots in their writing. I chose Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac chose Isaac Asimov and Richard Matheson. We talked about their work, their inspiration and how they shaped our views of what is to come as well as the future they envisioned that is now upon us.

With future episodes we will be including more TV and movies as well as writers. For instance, our next episode is about cloning. There is so much to talk about on the subject. In the last few years we have seen sheep cloned, human ears grown on the backs of rats and God only knows what else. On TV we've seen the rise of shows dealing with the subject like Orphan Black. That show stars one woman playing multiple characters, all clones...or are they? In movies we've seen the subject done expertly in films like Moon starring Sam Rockwell. These bring up many moral and ethical questions. Where do we draw the line? Have we already crossed it?

Cloning could be used for so many great things in our society but they could go wrong in the blink of an eye without someone watching what science is doing. And there's always that person or group that will continue to cross the line regardless. This is both good and bad. Many of the scientific breakthroughs we have today are because of Nazi scientists doing horrible things. Should they have done them? Of course not. But would you give up something that was a result of it? It is rumored they were instrumental in creating many safety protocols for pilots due to their testing. They pushed many unwilling subjects to the brink of death to find where the breaking point was. After that they were able to design things we still use in aircraft today. How they it was horrible and wrong. But we used the results and made things better out of it. Could the same be said for cloning? Could crossing that line result in something wholly amazing and life changing? Sure, it could, but at what cost?

These are the questions we look to ask on the next episode of The Science Of Fiction coming August 15th, only on Abnormal Entertainment.


Jacob O'Neal

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